Are you a model, an actor, or a performer? Or perhaps you know people in one or more of those categories. If so, you may well be interested in a new on-line magazine which is planned. It will be called, Models Actors Performers.

The magazine will be a digital, flip-page on-line magazine using the latest software technology, and the content will reflect the wants and needs of its readers, or potential readers. This is where your help is needed. Events, stories or anything that may be of interest to others in the industry we want to know about and publish. It is envisaged that for every edition there will be at least one in depth interview with someone either new to, or established in the industry, possible even from each of the three sectors mentioned.

The emphasis will be on events and people living and working in the south east corner of the state of Queensland. But, national and international news may also be included.

You are invited to provide content, or if you know of events and/or people of interest, let us know about them and we can organise photographs and a story. Guidelines are given on the Submissions page.

The first edition of the magazine should be published later in 2017. Depending upon interest, the magazine could become a quarterly, (four issues a year), or a bi-monthly, (six issues a year), magazine.

The page you are currently viewing will be the page on which you can view the covers of the magazines after they have been published.

Models Actors Performers

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